Healing Touch, endorsed by the American Holistic Nurse's Association, utilizes light or near-body touch to clear, balance and energize the human energy system. This promotes healing for the mind, body and spirit. It has been integrated into many hospitals, hospices and health care facilities in North America.

Jan Perkins, B.S.N., R.N., is a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner, and also is Certified in Inpatient Obstetrics.

Jan sees clients in her studio at Orthopedic Spine Therapy in Ashland, Wisconsin. She will also consider traveling to other sites in the Ashland/Washburn/Bayfield area by arrangement.

The range of her practice is from birth to end-of-life, including people who are:

  • experiencing pain
  • recovering from surgery
  • enduring chronic illness
  • undergoing cancer therapy
  • in palliative care/hospice
  • expectant mothers, and those in labor
For more information, please watch the free 15 minute download, "An Introduction to Healing Touch." This is available at www.HealingTouchProgram.com.